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Why you should choose us?

Warm welcome to TYU!

TYU is an international company that has perfected trading in diverse markets based on AI-powered, semi-automated trading.


What makes TYU unique?


Efficiency united with creativity

Thanks to a different approach to automated trading, AI and the way it is managed can make a big difference in market behavior. We call our AI semi-automated because we use the accuracy and estimation of AI, but it is still monitored by actual traders. 

In addition, the AI is "trained" by traders. We believe that while AI is the future, in complicated market situations, trader control and redirection is still an essential part of securing funds and maximizing profits.


Results over

TYU has proven to be a sustainable company with a proper balance between risk and reward. 

With our verified trading record going back more than a year, and years of research upfront, we're not just talking about a system that could work. We have proof of a researched system, generating profits every month, with qualified results.


Our Trading

TYU develops trading strategies and systems that are based on human finesse, but executed and calculated by AI-based software solutions.  

As is well known it is only a piece of software that is programmed by one or more people. With the new approach that TYU has developed and evolved over years of research and experience, it is not just a piece of software, but a self-learning and improving trading AI that is connected to the current markets, research and the last ten years of trading records.



Dada Pey

Trading with passion, customer service with dedication, and experience of more than 8 years.

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